Urban Ag RMA Procedure

1. Fill out the RMA form and send to rma@urbanagws.com as an attachment (emailing RMA forms will result in faster processing times) or fax the form to (206) 767-7073. Note: Urban Agricultural Invoice Number must be included on the RMA form.

2. Receive confirmation that form is being processed. Urban Ag will contact you via email confirming receipt of RMA form. An RMA case number will be issued if accepted.

3. Return of goods to Urban Ag. Pickup will be coordinated with local customers on designated delivery days. Please note: ExHale CO2 bag RMAs are processed differently.

4. Receive confirmation that merchandise is returned. Urban Ag. is now inspecting and processing the RMA.

5. Allow 15-20 business days for RMA processing. You will receive an email confirming the RMA’s completion. When applicable a credit will be issued to your account.

Click here to download Urban Ag Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form


Fill out the form online – ONLINE RMA FORM


– RMA requests received less than 6 months prior to the bag(s) expiration date will generally not be accepted. However, all cases will be reviewed and exceptions can be made for unusual circumstances.

– Photo documenting damage (photo of product and date stamp for EACH bag) REQUIRED FOR ALL EXHALE PRODUCTS. Photo of Damage to Product Prior to Receipt may be necessary to complete claim.