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Product tag: premium nutrients

  • Bio Nova 12-8-11 N-P2o5-K2o

    This product contains 8% nitrate nitrogen and 4% ammoniacal nitrogen of which 1% is NO3 and 11% NH2. Furthermore, the product contains 8% available phosphate (phosphor); 11% solubl...
    $12.13$166.80 Select options
  • Bio Nova AERO-SuperMix

    NFT Aqua-SuperMix is a one component bio-mineral fertilizer especially developed for systems that do not make use of any substrates. Nutrients for growing and flowering, and A/B ar...
    $24.00$15,396.48 Read more
  • Bio Nova AlgaeMix

    AlgaeMix is a 100% organic algae-extract composed of the brown deep sea-algae. This bio-organic fertilizer is mixable with all fertilizers and could also be used as foliar feed. Al...
    $19.96$1,122.66 Read more
  • Bio Nova AutoFlower-SuperMix

    The name says it all: this is a one-component SuperMix, specially formulated for autoflowering plants, with no specific need for longer or shorter daylight periods in order to star...
    $27.92$16,215.06 Read more
  • Bio Nova BN Roots

    $27.56$16,936.13 Select options
  • Bio Nova BN X-cel

    BN X-ceL can be administered to all sorts of plants and significantly increases the quantity and quality of all tested crops. BN X-ceL contains the following ingredients: variou...
    $20.20$9,266.40 Select options
  • Bio Nova BN-Zym

    BN-Zym is a natural bio-catalyst (process accelerator), medium builder and medium improver based on specific enzymes. Enzymes stimulate the water-retaining ability of every medium ...
    $12.59$4,794.77 Select options
  • Bio Nova Ca 15

    This product contains 15% (180 gr/l.) pure calcium, 3% nitrogen, and the trace elements iron, copper and manganese. Calcium often appears in the cell walls and membranes and plays ...
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  • Bio Nova CitricAcid 50%

    This product contains: 50% citric acid monohydrate. Citric acid is essential for the so-called citric acid cycle. During this process, plants convert applied fertilizers into the e...
    $17.58$264.69 Select options
  • Bio Nova Coco Forte A+B

    Coco Forte A+B fertilizer is the most simple solution for cultivating on cocofiber slabs. One of the reasons which makes its application so easy is the combination of nutrients fo...
    $14.50$8,419.36 Select options
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