Organic Supplements & Nutrients

  • Bu’s Brew Biodynamic Compost Tea

    A Certified Biodynamic liquid foliar (just add water!) chock full of microbial activity for all your flowers, veggies, shrubs, trees and grasses. Case Quantity: 12
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  • Humasol Liquid Humic Acid Extract

    HUMASOL LIQUID HUMIC ACID EXTRACT undergoes proprietary processing which maintains all of the raw leonardite’s organic integrity and natural efficacy. Humasol liquid is a high qual...
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  • Rootamentary

    The idea behind Rootamentary is to provide the fundamental essential elements for plants to grow.  We took a chemical analysis of a plant and formulated a nutrient to match those n...
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  • Sea Green

    SEA GREEN is Mother Nature's Digestive Track. Just as people don't eat vitamins, PLANTS DON'T EAT N-P-K! Sea Green is the link between plants and nutrients. Make nutrient ...
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  • Sea Green Hydro

    SEA GREEN HYDRO is Sea Green specially reformulated for maximum effectiveness in a hydroponics reservoir. Foams less than regular Sea Green! Specially designed to increase ...
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  • True Blooms

    True Blooms is an organically derived and food-grade foliar spray to induce rapid fruiting/flowering.  It opens the stomata and vascular system of your plant to allow for increased...
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  • Vital Earth’s All Purpose Guano Mix

    An All-natural organic fertilizer.100% guano. No additives. No fillers. This well balanced seabird and bat guano mix is the perfect fertilizer to use for all of your flowers, fruit...
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  • Vital Earth’s All Purpose Mix

    Vital Earth's 3-2-2 helps to increase the size and vitality in all plants, lawns, vines, shrubs and trees. It is the perfect blend for residential and commercial farm applications....
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  • Vital Earth’s High Nitro Bat Guano

    First used in Peru centuries ago, bat guano continues to be in high demand for its high level of nitrogen, which is extremely helpful for the vegetative growth of plants. Its lack ...
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  • Vital Earth’s High Phos Bat Guano

    100% bat guano promotes intense fruiting and flowering-no additives-known to be an effective fertilizer for centuries Soils deficient in organic matter may be made more productive ...
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