• ExHale CO2 Bag

    HOW IT WORKS Photosynthesis is the process by which plant leaves make carbohydrates. Sunlight, CO2 and  water are converted into carbohydrates and O2 by the action of chlorophyll ...
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  • LIFE Cloning Gel

    LIFE Cloning Gel contains a blend of rooting hormones and all natural ingredients. Formulated to produce roots in any substrate, this gel will work with rooting cubes or aeroponic ...
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  • LIFE Cloning Mist

    A foliar product designed for use in propagation. Provides essential ingredients to assist root development and stress recovery for cuttings taken from stock plants.
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  • LIFE Cloning Solution

    LIFE provides the nutrient inputs required in early root development. Our unique blend of ingredients combines nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium into a true solution. Life is form...
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    Extra strong Nylon 680D Extra resistant zippers Patented, strong, & stable structure 5 double extraction socks Easy access, jumbo side doors 3 mini-socks for...
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