Garden HighPro


    Easier to use than conventional pulleys Fixing pulleys up to 5kg capacity Regulate the height to the minimeter 1.05m rope length (3.4ft)
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  • NEWLITE VISION Protective Glasses

    Best vision for indoor growing Protects eyes from sodium lamp rays
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  • Pearl Pro Reflector

    ·         Up to 60% more lumens than Stuco standard reflector ·         Use with ballast corresponding to lamp power – 1000W max ·         New junction box design keeps moisture ...
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    Extra strong Nylon 680D Extra resistant zippers Patented, strong, & stable structure 5 double extraction socks Easy access, jumbo side doors 3 mini-socks for...
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  • PROCUT Pruning Scissors

    100% Inox Extra sharp Metallic edge for long lasting use Specially designed for comfortable use Choose Straight or Curved
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  • PROFAN Clip Fan

    Energy Efficient - 5W Direct drive magnetic engine Lighter and more stable Extremely silent
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    Strong and ultra resistant pulleys Fixing pulleys up to 48kg capacity 1.5m rope length (4.3ft) Available in XL
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  • Pronet Modulable 120 – 4″ x 4″

    - Soft elastic rubber net - Ideal for grow tents from 60 to 120 - To guide and support flowering plants - Durable and long lasting
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    Very strong and reusable Square based to optimize growing space Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing No circular root growth Efficient breathing capability
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