Environmental Control

  • CO2 Sensor for Maxi Controller

    The Dimlux CO2 Sensor provides accurate information on the CO2 content of the atmosphere in your grow area. At the same time, it is also used to power the Dimlux CO2 Regulator, so ...
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  • Dust Shroom

    This revolutionary product will keep your air cooled reflectors dust free, and keep mold and harmful bacteria out of your garden! Comes Pre-Oiled WASHABLE and RE-USABLE ...
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  • Dust Shroom Recharge Kit

    Includes: - Cleaner - Oil
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  • ExHale 365

    From the inventors of the Original CO2 Bag, ExHale is proud to introduce the ExHale 365 series of CO2 bags. The ExHale 365 is designed to allow CO2 to be available where you need i...
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  • ExHale CO2 Bag

    HOW IT WORKS Photosynthesis is the process by which plant leaves make carbohydrates. Sunlight, CO2 and  water are converted into carbohydrates and O2 by the action of chlorophyll ...
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  • ExHale CO2 Bag Hanger with Hole

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  • Micro ExHale CO2 Bag

    Urban Agricultural and ExHale CO2 are proud to announce the release of the new Micro ExHale CO2 Bag! The Micro ExHale CO2 Bag is designed for and will work perfectly with clones...
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  • NodorPuck

    GrowRiteUSA NodorPucks offer clean air scrubbing with no additional ventilation piping or connections required. With its easy installation and straightforward design GrowriteUSA No...
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  • NodorScrubber

    NodorScrubbers offer the best available technology in air purification. NodorScrubbers have 100% efficiency in cleaning air with little to no air flow restriction. The kinetics of ...
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  • NodorWrap

    WRAP it, STRAP it, FORGET it!--NodorWraps will extend the life of any granular charcoal filter and increase its efficiency for purification. All GrowriteUSA Nodor products use the ...
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