Beneficial Biology & Mycorrhizal Fungi

  • Compost Tea Brew Bag

    The TeaLAB Brew Bag is made out of 400 micron nylon mesh and climbing grade binding. Hand stitched in Seattle by a cut and sew shop that specializes in hard-core backpacking gear, ...
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  • Jungle Control Ferocious

    Ferocious is a premium plant-optimizing additive that delivers concentrated forms of hydrogen and oxygen, which we believe allows plants to produce more energy. With more energy, p...
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  • Myco-Fusion BIO JOLT 1.5

    Bio-Jolt 1.5 is a natural bio stimulant drench product applied periodically to further enhance plant growth and yield. Maximize your crop with the Santiam System.
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  • Myco-Fusion GREEN 150

    GREEN 150 is one of the most effective granular endomycorrhizal inoculants on the planet. It is packed with a complex matrix of beneficial organisms that promote amazing plant heal...
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  • Myco-Fusion RHIZO-CHARGE 2.0

    Santiam Organics has engineered a System for maximizing the benefits of mycorrhizae. RHIZOCHARGE 2.0 is step 2 after inoculation. It is key in delivering myco-symbiotic organisms t...
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  • RHIZO MATRIX Biologic Soil

    Premium components selected and formulated by the Santiam Organics Science team for their biologic efficacy, water holding capacity, and root aeration.
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  • RHIZO MATRIX Savant Soil

    Savant Soil contains the same great components of our Biologic Soil but adds a nutrient charge and extra biology to the mix.
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