Urban Ag was founded in 2010, is one of the most respected and reputable wholesalers in the home gardening industry. Benjamin Barker, started the organization in Seattle, Washington with a simple goal: Deliver cost-effective, high quality, sustainable products to home gardeners worldwide. With so many companies carrying subpar products or the latest trend, Benjamin vowed to hold the organization to a higher standard. Urban Ag would only stock products with the potential to become an industry staple. The company also provides logistics services and common carrier services to clients to help deliver time and climate sensitive goods around the country. The faces of the organization are just as diverse as its products. The Urban Ag team is made up of individuals with backgrounds ranging from consulting to computer information systems to sales.


We focus solely on distributing top-tier professional grade products for those with commercial backgrounds or products that have been historically proven in the indoor gardening community. Some of the things that set us apart from our competitors are education for our customers and providing the best technical support possible. We support community programs such as schools, community food bank gardens, and anyone within our reach using gardening as a means for positive change. We do our best to teach advanced techniques and educate them about their options, while most projects are charity operations and have a volunteer staff that may not have extensive gardening experience.


Contact us now at 1-855-URBANAG to find out how you can start carrying our products. Or contact us here: info@urbanagws.com